The KPop Panel originally began as an idea created between Nikki of Pop Reviews Now and Mel of Melismatic, both fans of the Korean pop music genre. The Panel idea itself was directly inspired by and should be credited to the regular Pop Panel segment of Pop Trash Addicts and it's author, Mike.

Basically, each week, our panelists will briefly give some insight and thoughts into five or six various mainstream (and some not so mainstream) KPop releases, ultimately deciding each week's Panel Champion. We will also be holding regular Weekly Polls to gauge your reactions and favorites to the songs in each panel each week, and how they compare to our finalists decision. You will find all of the past winners listed in our Rankings section.

The overall goal of The KPop Panel is to have fun, and to help spread the KPop love to bloggers and fans all around the world. We strive to provide a panel of music fans from all over the world with all different tastes to create a truly unique look at the ever-growing Korean Pop Music market.