Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Kpop Panel: The Outtakes

As you may have seen on Twitter, yes, we are in the process of making a comeback! We've regrouped, roped in a willing guest panelist, and are off channeling lulz into our writing. Aaaaand we've tweaked the layout, complete with a new logo! But while we're busy writing about a truckload of songs (trust me when I say it's a truckload!), we thought of posting some great moments from panels that have, unfortunately, never been finished and therefore never published. The world has to see these things! Be prepared for great chemistry between the panel (who are literally all over the world and have never met each other in person), and also some really, really entertaining moments.

The unpublished panels in this post feature permanent panelists:
Mel @ Melismatic

And special guests:
Jessica @ This Must Be Pop